Scrap metals produced by manufacturers generally contain some hazardous materials - coatings, plating, paint, solvents, solder, galvanization, cutting fluids - that cause environmental damage if not properly handled and disposed of. Whether or not you’re aware of it, your company has downstream environmental liability for your scrap metal from the time it leaves your plant until it ultimately arrives at the mill for melting, regardless of who touches it in between. There are hundreds of local, state and federal laws and regulations, as well as case law that make staying compliant serious. The government doesn’t want scrap processors hauling containers leaking fluids from scrap metals onto roadways or dumping hazardous scrap metals in their yards where it can leach into water systems.

Our business offering provides risk mitigation and reduction in the remedial investigation and feasibility costs i.e. attorney’s fees and other – that are incurred if you’re notified by the EPA under CERCLA that your company is a responsible party in a Superfund site. If scrap metals have caused environmental damage, courts have held that fabricators are potentially responsible parties because contaminants in the scrap metals they sold to dealers contributed to the pollution. These claims can come years, even decades, after the materials were sold.

Costs and liability for such can be greatly reduced or eliminated by creating an audit trail, which we provide, to help protect you. If the buyers of your scrap metals don’t handle, ship, store, process and/or recycle them properly, you can face fines, penalties, lawsuits and bad publicity. Further, this can result in failure to maintain compliance with covenants in your debt agreements and impact bank loans. Protecting yourself with this form of diligence is plain common sense, and it costs you nothing.


  • Mitigate your risk
  • Get an average of 20% to 50% more for your scrap
  • Guarantee payments
  • Significantly reduce the time spent by your employees
  • Provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports plus a Corporate Citizenship report
  • And all is provided on a 100% performance basis

Get more for your scrap metals AND mitigate your downstream environmental liability from EPA, DOT, DOE, DTSC and state and local laws and regulations.


You have significant potential risk for which your company may or may not be prepared. Mitigating this risk takes time, effort and resources. IAMG is a professional group of experts who provide an audit trail for your company that proves diligence and concern about the disposition of your scrap metals. No one can guarantee that your downstream scrap-buying vendors are doing everything correctly. However, if you’ve got a partner vetting them to detect issues early and to document concerns, your chances of paying fines, legal fees, penalties, being sued and receiving bad press are significantly diminished. It only takes one environmental breach by someone in your scrap metal chain-of-custody to bring on serious costs and negativity to your company.


We have years of experience negotiating with scrap metal buyers. Our combined volumes of materials with that of our other clients create selling leverage, and are win/win scenarios. Scrap buyers have an opportunity to secure a lot of material through us, if they’re willing to pay top-dollar. We have found that, on average, we are able to procure 20% to 50% more for our clients than they were able to obtain on their own.


We guarantee the payments to you from the scrap buyers. If they don’t pay, we are responsible for doing so.


Your employees are accountants, welders, executives, operations managers, engineers, buyers, assemblers, fabricators and others overwhelmed by their focus on helping your company produce the best products possible. Do any of them have the time, resources, expertise, motivation and incentive necessary to get the most value from your scrap metals? Do they know how to protect you from your downstream environmental liability?


Our monthly, quarterly and annual reports provide your accounting group with homogenous, easy to understand spreadsheets containing pertinent data for each plant complete with payments. These reports make it easy to report your scrap metal sales to the IRS. Also, each year we provide a Corporate Citizenship report that shows how much recycling you completed, which is excellent evidence for investors and public relations campaigns.


We are compensated by how well we perform for you. If we don’t achieve greater income from the sale of your materials, we get nothing. Our interests are aligned with yours.



Scrap Worx™ – a professional scrap metal management program that delivers:

  • More money
  • Less work
  • Less risk

Scrap Worx™ is a professional scrap metal management program delivered by subject matter experts using indexed, volume-enabled pricing integrated with a sophisticated audit trail to get you more money and less risk from your scrap metals. By implementing Scrap Worx™, your company can be confident that it’s getting the maximum value from its scrap metals:

  • Proof that your scrap’s not harming the environment
  • The luxury of more money for it
  • Less time spent by your employees to deal with it